Mulana Consulting GmbH

At your service

There are many consulting companies out there and the question "why should we choose of all companies Mulana Consulting?" is a fair one. The answer is not simple but well-founded.
We have to admit that line business is not our strength. Of cause, we can work routinely and deliver profound results - but this can be done by many. Our absolute strength and outstanding unique selling point is the project business. We have proven our ability in fire-fighting and open-heart surgeries in critical project situations in countless situations within small- and large-scale international projects. The sum of all these experiences has shaped the services we proudly provide to our clients.


Bridging IT & Business. We understand both sides. Our holistic consulting approach will enable you to improve your business design through process, organizations and reporting definitions. Reducing requirements definitions, minimizing interpretations and iterations will help you achieve faster transition of business to IT. Out end-to-end approach includes:

  • assessment of requirements
  • joint solution design
  • implementation of the (technical) solution
  • joint testing & defect management
  • joint cut-over & go-live
  • joint get-well phase

  • IT Consultung & Architecture. Developing holistic solution architectures is one of our high expertise. Holistic in this context means to put focus not only on the components of the central systems (like SAP) but also to consider other SAP and non-SAP systems in addition to centralize and harmonize the whole system landscape of your company.
    Offering reusable and overarching architectures we will enable you to satisfy your clients from business to IT as well as all involved stakeholders.
    Beside others, we offer you:

  • Decades of experiences with a wide range of SAP & non-SAP technologies
  • Enabling High-performance, scalable systems
  • Expertise in agile development (scrum) and system designs, renowned for acceptance, performance and easy maintenance
  • Cost-efficient reuse of existing systems, instead of reinventing the wheel
  • Best practices and lessons learned

  • Compliance

    Ensuring compliance. Analog to our holistic consulting approach, we also ensure compliance in all areas of our work. This starts with the compliant engagement in our clients' projects. Clients engaging external consultants in their projects often run the risk of what is called "false self-employment" or "ostensible self-employment" (in German: "Scheinselbständigkeit"). We make all necessary legal and organizational arrangements for our employees on the project to avoid any kind of risk for our clients. In addition, we can support you in setting up similar protective mechanisms.
    Relating to our niche expertise of roles & authorization, we can support you ensuring compliance in the following areas:

  • End-to-End Process to ensure conflict-free roles & Authorization (using SAP GRC BRM)
  • Segregation of duties (SoD) management for roles and users (using SAP GRC i.e.)
  • Compliant User Provisioning / interface between IDM , GRC and Backend
  • Commissioned Data Processing Agreements / CDPA (in German: Auftragsdatenverarbeitung / ADV)
  • Compliant Access Management

  • Management

    Interim Management. We take over project leadership in form of interim management. This offers you the sustainability of high motivated and high experienced managers and time the flexibility of temporary employments at the same time. We offer coaching on process design, IT strategy & offshore delivery management along with mitigate risks associated with skill deficiency while coaching your internal resources on hot skills will enable you to run your business smooth and without interferences. With a proven track record in large organizations.

    Rollout management. International rollout is one of the key factors of world-wide operating companies. We will guide you from the creation of the central template through the phases of assessment, design, build and cutover of your national and international rollout project with international expertise and proven rollout knowledge.